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About T17S Marketing & T17S Top Sites

T17S Marketing was established in 2007 as a job creation initiative. Initially it was a part time project and not very successful.  In May 2018 T17S Marketing Top Sites was created as a full-time initiative due to permanent unemployment. The immediate goal is to create one full-time and one part-time job. T17S Marketing's mission is to create at least 4 jobs (full-time/part-time) by the end of 2018. The vision is to grow into a well-respected marketing business which will provide constant low cost but effective advertising to assist others with low budgets/minimum income to market their businesses and products.

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  • Improved Visualization
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Priority Listing Points
  • Free Banner Views for the duration on Premium Membership on our Network
    (Provided a 468x60 banner is uploaded)
  • 1 Free Entry into Monthly Draw where 3 Members will each win a prize.
    1st Prize $5 Cash paid via PayPal
    2nd Prize: 5-Month Premium Membership
    3rd Prize: 5000 Banner Views throughout the T17S Marketing Network

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